Video walls and video graphics.

We need to design around the corporate message. This means video graphics, signage and lighting. We can develop a complete platform!


Live Entertainment can get crowds moving.

There or times when you need a fun, exciting and loose event. This means a party style atmosphere that is still engaging. We still need business done!


streaming to electronic devices to reach a wider audience.

We can stream the event. This is for more broad appeal. We also have a need communicate to many different offices at the same time.


Product launch

Product Launch is designed around a single message. We can develop this for the general public or the press. This means fun corporate event ideas that make your event stand out!


Full turn-key events

Its a simple production. We have the capablities to audio, lighting and video. We can design stage and provide power for the whole event.


Complete design ideas by BCT Entertainment

We design everything. We draft out all aspects of the design. 

Technical Ideas

Video Projection

Video projection mapping

Video Projection on buildings, set pieces and the floor is really new and fun way to get a message accross. 

Lighting & Audio Design

AV design by BCT Entertainment

Lighting and sound are the building blocks of every good event.

Scenic Development

Scenic Development

Creating a unique environment of the guest to experience exactly what you want to portray. 


Visual effects

Smoke, Haze, Bubbles, Fog, Pyrotechnics and other items can help create a wow factor.

Big Video Walls

big video walls

Large display screen can really make an impact to the event.

Fun Locations

Fun locations

Sometimes were you host the event can be fun. We can develop a site plan that is unique as the event.

Design Services

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